The Hells Belles RC is a women’s riding club based solely out of Michigan 

Who Are We?

& What Do we Represent?

We support Women Who Love to Ride

We are a riding club that values sisterhood and embolden women who are drawn to two-wheel therapy and the open road

We Support the michigan motorcycle Community

We ride all over the country, but we love our Michigan motorcycle community! We value being part of the strong, supportive culture you find in Michigan motorcycle enthusiasts

We support Michigan’s small businesses

We love to ride (but everyone knows a girls gotta eat to be happy too) – we value supporting small business owners in Michigan. Some of our members own and operate small businesses. We understand the value family-owned businesses bring to their communities

Some of our Adventures…

We love to take pictures and videos along the way


We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in learning more about us as a potential new member candidate, please reach out! We will get you to our closest Michigan chapter based on your location. We are not accepting new members or chapters outside of the state of Michigan at this time.